Exeunt 2009

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ANTIGONE Take me and kill me—what more do you want? CREON Me? Nothing. With that I have everything.

First Witch: Speak. Second Witch: Demand. Third Witch We'll answer.

LENNOX: Here is a place reserved, sir. MACBETH Where?

GERALD: I implore you to do what I ask you. MRS. ARBUTHNOT: What son has ever asked of his mother to make so hideous a sacrifice?

ELECTRA : The words are thine, not mine;

CLYTEMNESTRA What sayest thou, friend, what sayest thou?- listen not to her!

GERALD. Mother, I have just written to him. MRS. ARBUTHNOT. To whom? GERALD. To my father. I have written to tell him to come here at four o'clock this afternoon. MRS. ARBUTHNOT. He shall not come here. He shall not cross the threshold of my house.