Melampous / Animal

Sticks her tortoise-like head out of her shell,

the shell could also be a hump.

Her eyes and nose are like that of a wolf or a fox. She does not have eyelashes, just thick eyebrows.

but also a very small jaw and teeth. -a ruminant-

Her neck is furrowed like that of a cow. She has a bird-like crop. Chewed through bull's teeth are just like hers.

Yes, the lower part of her face belongs to that of a ruminant and the upper to a predator, maybe just the nose is bird-like, as well as her calves and wrists. Her legs are long and skinny. Firm skin begirds them like a crane or a flamingo.

She only puts on weight in the stomach and face. Sometimes that face is like that of an owl. She also tilts her face to one side like a bird, and she can turn her head without tilting it like a bird of prey. But she does not move as quietly.

She gallops.

With her head bowed like wildebeest.

When she gets older she will become a complete animal.

Actually, she never looked like a human.