Feriancova, Petra: On Photography 2000

For me, photography is mostly improvisation and post­production. I am not, in fact, interested in photographing a particular picture. I capture the moment of taking a photo, not the picture itself. I can resuscitate the moment because of memory that I had a camera, took it out and pressed the release. The captured image is secondary; it does not portray the given moment; but creates a new picture. The alchemy takes place when I wait for the photograph, first for the contacts; then I create the enlargements. There, I simulate a similar experience as the viewer has. I see something as if for the first time. I do not control it. I do not perform checks; I do not clean the films, I like to waste the material. Mistakes are the outcomes of coincidences and coincidence is the outcome of fate. I do not seek them, they are there, because a photograph does not get created and then exists, it is created continually and lives on, just as everything. A photograph is the only one, there is no edition.

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